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This way, please

When I was at that in-between age
not child nor quite teen,
I managed to talk my way
into seeing concerts for free,
as one of the ushers that they hired the day of the concert
(a position that paid a whole five dollars - I might add).
I technically was too young to work,
but I think my zeal was what 
caused the manager to turn a blind eye to age,
and hand me the flashlight, assigning me
to a section on the main floor, 
which later I learned was a coveted spot,
as many of the rich and famous sat in those seats.
For me it was an eye-opener into
what it would be like to be an adult.
Though I was a skinny kid
dressed in my white blouse and black skirt -
as an usher, I was taken seriously,
followed without question,
as my flashlight fluttered over brass seat notations
of row and number, and I pointed the light
to their seats.
I felt authority in the words "This way please",
and was thrilled to the core
when some man or woman in their finery
slipped me a tip for my service.
It was one of the first times
in my life
that I felt powerful in the world of the adults.
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