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Hi! I’m Natalia Corres, and I write speculative and weird fiction, poetry, and sometimes non-fiction. I’m also an artist and a proponent of human and animal rights, as well as responsible and sustainable living.

I’ll be sharing what I am writing about, answering questions about my characters and/or stories, and sometimes even share bits of what I am currently working on, here. So stay tuned!

Natalia Corres
Natalia Corres

Natalia Corres has worked in technology for a few decades, built a pet sitting business from scratch (and retired it – passing the clients to her ex-employees and helping them start their own businesses), and now spends her time in creative pursuits – writing, painting and managing tech projects.
She has published books of poetry, one novella, non-fiction, science- fiction, speculative fiction and a collection of flash fiction – all available on Amazon. She writes regularly on her blogs – Wind in Her Mane  and the Zen of Living Smaller and is working on several projects in the speculative and weird fiction genres. When she isn’t writing, she is working on collaborative projects in animation and web applications, painting, crafting, and researching.