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Found money

When I find money,
on the streets, 
when out for a walk or
when I am going somewhere -
a dollar or a coin,
I share it with whomever I am with,
or the next needy person I come across.
"Found money" is unplanned money,
is money granted unexpectedly, 
and in my mind
it is meant to do good,
somehow, somewhere. 
Even if that "good" is popping a quarter in an expired parking meter 
when you can see that the car owner is still waiting in line,
or dropping it in the cup of the guy
who is begging for spare change at the corner.
It is wealth to be shared,
and always, always, I have been 
when using it 
that way.
A smile.
My good parking karma.
A feeling of wealth that is satisfying when
put to a kind and sweet use.

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