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Like a little bee

Everyone who creates, has their own “process”. I go from project to project like a little bee. Buzzing around – painting a piece of a book nook; outlining a story arc; gluing vines on a fairy house; writing some background notes for a character; sketching a collage idea – you get the picture. From the “outside” looking in, I might appear to have an attention deficit disorder, and that could be (although I have not been diagnosed) – I simply have a lot of ideas and a lot of projects and I enjoy doing them in pieces. Things need to settle, or dry, or percolate. I share all this so you understand why I have spurts of blogging and then days can go by without my sharing anything about what I am doing. And if it is a cloudy day, as some days have been, I am also likely to be curled up and reading (which I sometimes rationalize as “research” – but mostly it is purely for entertainment).

Just a busy little bee.

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