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Fits and bursts

My husband described my productivity like this: an inch worm scrunching up and then suddenly bursting forward. Slow scrunch, burst of movement. And I have to admit that is pretty accurate.

I tend to work on a lot of projects all at the same time, and once in a while, they all finish in close proximity.

Part of that is that I sometimes dither about the details. This fairy house I have been working on started out a very different color, and then I didn’t like it so I painted over it with textured paint and then I felt like the proportions were off and I had to sit with it a while.

This is the fairy house I worked on for about a year.

I also finally got around to publishing “Welcome to Shangri-La”, a Flashforge Station Universe adventure -novelette, on Amazon. The link is and the paperback will be out in a few days.

If you’ve read “Flashforge Station” then you may catch a reference to a mysterious character, who will show up in future stories, as well.

I’m working on a few novellas and hope to have a burst by June. Stay tuned. And hope you are not to flummoxed by the time change this weekend. Cheers!

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