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I saw a meme, I’ll include it in this post, about inspiration – and it reminded me of my Writing Files where I have numerous text files with two or three sentences of inspiration about a story, or character, or situation and I need to go back and take a look at those and see how they fit into my various writing projects and get them more rounded out or at least, categorized. And yes, that was a horribly long sentence. LOL

I keep a Dream Journal, online, and I have all these notes, and I also have notebooks of hand-written notes and character descriptions. Then when I write, my stories tend to be fairly tight and there’s not a lot of fluff. Not that I don’t enjoy reading the fluff, I am just not comfortable writing it as much. My writing tends to be more journalistic…answering the Who, What, When, Why and How of the story.

Still I hope that my characters have enough information to make them dimensional.

And that is what I am pondering today, as I am looking at the graying skies and expecting another torrential downpour today.

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