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Happy New Year – Welcome aboard the 2023 Train

We had Chinese Food for our 2022 farewell meal, and my fortune cookie declared “Curiosity is the fountain of youth”. My husband laughed and told me that must mean I will live forever. 🙂

What am I working on this year? Pretty much my favorite things – writing, arts, crafts, and perhaps some sculpting.

I hope to get some How To books written on upcycling plastic bags, and scraps of yarn and fabric. So many cool projects can reuse materials that would normally go to the landfills. And I am excited to get those documented with photos and step-by-step instructions that will be fun for most ages.

I also started a dream diary on which I hope to plunder later for short story ideas and get them written and on Medium.

I have the kernels of many stories started that I need to outline arcs for so I can finish them up (if the characters will allow it, of course – since sometimes they decide to go off on tangents).

And I hope to blog more regularly in 2023!

Wishing you and yours, a safe, healthy and happy new year. May you live long, and prosper.

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