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Where inspiration bubbles up…

If you’ve ever wondered where I get ideas for writing (short stories, or characters, or whole arcs – sometimes), I’ll tell you.

Much of what I write about, I’ve seen in my dreams. Many, many years ago, I was honored to be welcomed into a Dream Discussion group (it was in person, not online – that’s how long ago it was). So I got in the habit of not only jotting my dreams down, but lucid dreaming where I could tell myself to remember the details and/or to wake up.

The pandemic diverted my attention from my dreams for a while. Waking life seemed so much more important. And then I realized that I wasn’t writing as much…and while I was definitely dreaming – a lot – I was only noting them over coffee with my husband.

So since this month is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – and I like to participate in that each year, I also decided to start a dream diary again. This time I chose to do it on “Buy Me a Coffee” – the dreams I share there are free to read. At some point I may set up some private areas…but if you are curious, feel free to read them.

At some point, if you are ever reading one of my short stories on Medium or on Amazon – you may recognize bits from my dreams.

Be well this Holiday Season.

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