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One for the road

You've known all along, in your heart of hearts
that this day would come.
Days and months can pass and you
will only reach out
when you need my mercy,
knowing full well that I,
seeing a need that I can fill, or a problem I can fix - will usually do it.
And over the time we have known each other,
not once have you asked how I am.
Not once have you asked if I was in need.
In point of fact, you only speak to me as a prelude to a request.
And so we have come to this moment
where my heart can no longer hold a place for you,
and I am cutting you loose.
I know it will be no solace that I still care about you 
when you can no longer dip into my pocket while
bending my ear with your travails. 
And for that I am sorry. 
Sorry that you will not understand that the balance between us
had tipped too far,
Sorry that you will not see that I also love others who need me.
And sorry that this lesson is so late in coming. 
This last time was truly a last time. 
Consider it your "one for the road".
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