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I cannot think of San Francisco without thinking about
foggy strolls in the wee hours, 
City Lights and the smell of books, 
Enrico's and the North end, 
Tower Records and walks to get chocolate,
Mack the knife (you had to be there) near a Parrish mural, 
Golden Gate Park by the doorway to nowhere, 
Land's End and the ruins of the Sutro baths, 
the Avenues with different flavors in every block all in pastels, 
except for the Jefferson Airplane/Starship house all black and gold,
Mamounia and eating Moroccan delicacies with my hands,
Japantown and Taiko,
Plough and Stars with a side of fiddle,
China town and dimsum,
jazz and whiskey sours at Pearl's.
Photo by Vincent Gerbouin on