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Carpe Tweets (Seize the tweets)

A couple of months ago while browsing my twitter feed, I happened on a film preview for the next movie in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. I love these movies – action movies are my “go to” for pure escape from day-to-day craziness. Especially when the “good guys” are folks on the fringes who don’t fit into “regular” society… I’m a sucker for a really well done anti-hero, which explains my love of the Riddick series, too.

Anyway, I liked the tweet, and retweeted it, as I sometimes do and guess what happened next?

I was followed by no less than half a dozen “Vin Diesel”s and three “Mark Sinclair” variants (Vin’s birth name, if memory serves). All, I assume, with the expectation that I would follow back and perhaps succumb to some sort of scam based on the flattery of being followed by a “star”.

While I didn’t follow back, or succumb to the vapors – I did snort my coffee and devolve into a fit of giggles that anyone would think someone else was gullible enough to fall for such a blatant masquerade. Except that people do fall for it.

I read about it all the time. And while I think it is hilarious that anyone would try it on me…I am sad for the lonely and hopeful folks who have been duped.

Somewhere out there, the real Vin Diesel is probably torn between annoyance and perhaps feeling guilty for the additional exposure…I’ve read he’s a nice guy, so I would bet it bugs him.

One thing is for certain though….I probably will never have to worry about the “guilt” of being used that way. One good thing about not being famous, I guess.

Be careful out there!

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