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Playing with watercolors

I have been having a difficult time juggling all the different projects on my “to-do” list, with business taking priority over painting and even writing. I am transitioning out of a few volunteer positions, and helping to orient the new volunteers, so by mid-summer I will have freed up enough time to refocus on some of my art projects.

I have been playing with watercolors off and on, this past few months. If you paint, you know how different the watercolors are from acrylics and oils (which are the two types of painting I “normally” do and often mixing the media). But the allure of how fluid the watercolors are, and how unpredictable they can be is calling me, and here is one of my first experiments, as I get the feel for them on the brushes.

Forest Cat

I think I will do a few variations on it, until I get one that I am really satisfied with, but at least you can see where the evolution takes me as I practice.

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