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It’s a wild world

“Ooh baby it’s a wild world….” I have Mr.Big’s version of Cat Stevens’ song playing in my head now. Sorry if I’ve infected you with an earworm.

I have a good friend, going through the second year of a long and dragging divorce proceeding, and she’s met a guy online. I worry for her, but I trust her instincts. And I know that there’s a lot of bad out in the world, as well as some really good stuff.

It makes me worried though. Not just on her behalf, and that of my many friends, male and female and all the variations thereof – but worried that I have become so suspicious and cynical about the world at large.

Don’t get me wrong – I have always been a strange combination of risk taker and risk averse. And I have many a time, ignored my own better judgment only to find myself in bad straits (sometimes even dire). But I do not wish those kind of adventures on any of the people I care about.

It does provide me with additional reasons to brush up on my background checking skills (I was a tech recruiter for a little while and had to do background checks on contractors routinely – you’d be surprised what you can learn – but that is for another day).

And of course, when my friend told me about this guy, I immediately started to check up on him. (But I am not divulging anything here about that). Suffice it to say, I am a bit worried, and asked her to make sure to tell me when and where they might be meeting and to text me when she is safely home afterward. I added “Please, please, please” after the request. I think she will do that…since she is in a different state and living by herself, she needs to have someone know where she went and what time and all that – in case.

Hopefully there will be no “in case” situation.

Doing the online searching reminded me of all those cozy mysteries, with characters snooping around while trying piece together the clues to see the larger picture and perhaps, solve the mystery. Because after all, I am an amateur at sleuthing. And maybe when this new guy has been vetted, or dumped – whichever happens in the long run – I will be inspired to write up a short story or >gasp<, even try my hand at writing a cozy mystery. Stranger things have happened.

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