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What to write

I’ll admit there are moments when the blank screen stares at me with a measure of malice, daring me to type something of merit on the page. But I know a secret that the screen does not.

There is no rule that says what I write has to have any merit.

Sometimes I write just to write. Letting my thoughts flow around a variety of subjects, and the flotsam and jetsam of dreams. Once in a while a theme emerges, and then sometimes it doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write.

The mere act of stringing words together in a sentence is practice.

Today I have a myriad of thoughts swirling, and a video conference scheduled in a few minutes. I know my call is mostly “catch up” with a good friend that lives far, far away. And that will be a nice note to end the week on. I also have several blog posts to write, two websites to revamp, and the next episodes to write for “Kit Freestone and the Dragon Key” and “Welcome to Shangri La” – which are coming out in spurts on the new Kindle Vella App.

Somewhere in there I need to work up an agenda for a training session on Sunday that I am having with another friend.

This blog post and my random writing is helping; I am gathering my thoughts nicely and will decide whether to weave them or plop them down in the order I’ve gathered them or maybe do something else entirely with them. And I have a canvas calling to me to finish a dragonfly that I am painting.

So if you are reading this – Happy Friday. Enjoy! And hopefully you will have a fun and productive weekend (but if you must choose, I hope it is fun).

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