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Small miracles

Do you ever stop and wonder at how amazing it is
that the "voice" of another person,
their thoughts, experiences,
their visions of this world and other worlds,
their concepts and theories...
are all available to you if you can decipher
the symbols on a page?
These amazing inventions - letters,
that portray the hero and villain,
the terrains of a million worlds,
are just marks made over and over again in different
patterns, whether they are made by a stylus on a clay tablet,
or drawn in paints upon a wall,
pressed with inks and iron type,
or written through the stamp of a key on a ribbon,
or even, pixels upon a screen.
You and I can leave our thoughts, our dreams,
a doorway for someone unknown to us to traverse and share.
And live on far past the time our body returns to dust,
through these small miracles, these symbols, these letters.
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