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Welcome to 2021

2020 felt like it lasted forever… and now we are all breathing a sigh of relief that it is finally over and we have a new year – with new possibilities, grand potential, and a clean slate.

This year is going to be busy for me.

  • Busy refurbishing some of my existing blogs;
  • working on my artwork and its website (;
  • working on my writing – I am still outlining a couple of series that I am planning on launching and I will actually promote my existing books;
  • working with my partners on the app – which has been hindered greatly by the pandemic;
  • working on helping other writers (; and
  • marketing/working on my e-commerce Coffee business (

You might wonder why and how coffee fits in with my artwork and writing; but if you know my background (40+ years in technology) – you know I have been caffeinated for a long long time. And it felt like a good addition and filled a void – I missed my days working the IS/IT departments of Levi Strauss and the Gap – a certain amount of retail is embedded in my soul.

Plus I hope to combine my passions for art and writing with my coffee business – by giving an opportunity for exposure to authors and artists in keeping with my premise that coffee goes with creation very well!

Whether you are writing, journaling, or reading – coffee is there for you.

I’m sure there will be other sideline projects, as well. There always are. 🙂

Hope your New Year is filled with what brings you bliss!

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