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Monday, Monday…

I can hear the Mamas and the Papas singing that song, in my head. I could hear it immediately from Alexa if I asked her to play it, but I am having a slow start to my Monday morning, and instead of intruding on the quiet – I will go pour another cuppa java and stare at my calendar’s task list for today – again.

You could say I am “Procaffeinating” (procrastination plus coffee), and you’d be right. I am also savoring the quiet. Normally when I get up and feed the furbabies and get the coffee brewing, prepare for the day’s chores and tasks, take the dog for a longish walk – I plow through and by this time (it is 8ish a.m.) I have already done a lot of writing and thought of six impossible things. This morning, I did most of that, except the writing – which I am just now starting.

My hubby is not a morning person… it takes him a long time to wake and a long time to roll out of bed, and an equally long time to get through his first cup of coffee. Our joke is that by the time he is “up and running” to start his morning, I am already into my “afternoon”.

And so it is a slower start today for me…only my “mid-morning” to his start. And I am bouncing ideas around in my head – much like the lotto balls blowing around in the lottery machine before one makes it out to start a series and perhaps win a jackpot for someone. I have some poetry to write – at least I have some bits and pieces of ideas that have been floating around looking for a place to be in my writing. And I have the outline for a series of newsletters I am writing about sustainable living, that should go out every two weeks for a year. And of course, I have a bunch of novels I am waiting for characters to make up their minds on their next adventures so I can write them down. I’ve also earmarked a couple of ezines to submit some short stories to this week, so I will be editing and making sure they meet the submission guidelines sometime today.

It is a gray and foggy morning outside, and equally gray and foggy inside. At least I know what I need to get done today…but for now, I think another cup of coffee is in order…and maybe a toasted bagel.

Have a safe and healthy and happy Monday, Monday!

Or several cups of coffee…

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