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Kit Freestone and the Dragon Key

Some of you have may recall me mentioning that I was working on an alternate history steampunk story, and I hope to make it a series. Some of you may also have seen that the Amazon self-publishing platform has just launched a program called Vella – which allows an author to publish in episodes (which brought to mind the magazines of old, like the Strand, which published episodic stories).

The first episode of Kit Freestone and the Dragon Key – “Installing an Imposter”, will be available on April 24th for the Kindle. I am excited to try this new venue, as I enjoy writing in this fashion, and I think this storyline is perfectly suited for mini- cliffhangers and mysterious characters. My understanding is that the first three episodes will be free to the readers, after which tokens will be charged for access to remaining chapters, based on word count.

I’m looking forward to how this will work out, and to sharing my characters with the readers this way. Let me know if you are publishing on Vella, and I’ll gladly dip in to read your stories.

And let me know if you are reading mine, and what you think. Until next time, CHEERS!

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