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June? Already?

Well we are in the part of the year where time feels as though it is starting to speed up. I meant to get so much more done in the first half of the year, and it just didn’t seem to come together. But I am pretty energized now, and hopefully I can use the summer to catch up on a number of things. (Haha -“best laid plans” – I am sure).

Hubby and I had our vaccines a couple of days apart, the first round was easy-peezy. The second round…well… a little more challenging, but we got through it. So now, we are among the vaccinated.

This past week I got to see and visit with some friends that I haven’t seen since last September. Hugs were distributed and received and we all got a little teary eyed at just how much we missed being in physical proximity. It was a nice way to start the month-long celebrating of my birthday to offset the month-long grieving that I do (since this is also the birth month and death month of my Dad).

Still, I have much to be grateful for, and I try to practice that appreciation every day – as I awake and as I go to sleep.

Got lots of work to do with writing, and with the Shadow Girl Coffee and MNZ Solutions. But I will try to blog more regularly (for some reason I find it easier to do when I am participating in the blog challenge or a poetry month). I will simply schedule it in, like I do all the other things I need to get done. I often joke that I cannot die because my To Do list is still too long. I actually hope that is the case…I’d like to stick around a while and finish up a whole lot of projects, and artwork that I still have on my list. 🙂

Hope your summer is restful, or productive or whatever you need and want it to be. I think I hear lunch calling me…

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