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Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is a medium of brief and enclosed stories. Its average word count ranges anywhere from five to 1,500 words, but the consensus is that the maximum tops out at 2,000. (Always read the instructions if you are submitting Flash Fiction – because different publications have differing requirements).

It is a great way to get started in the writing world. Why? Because it is so short.

Ahhh but there is always a catch, right? Yes, you need to develop characters, create action and get your message across in a very short time. It is one of those types of stories that truly trains you to write “lean”, focusing only on the important parts of your story.

This morning I am hitting my story idea files in order to write and submit another entry to The Molotov Cocktail’s “Flash Villain” contest. I love a good villain, so I am trying my hand at creating a bad guy or gal that is entertaining and meets the contest criteria. The deadline for this contest is February 15, 2021 and it costs $8 to enter on Submittable. This particular contests wants 750 words or less because – SQUIRREL.

Sometimes these contests are just the catalyst I need to write longer pieces. Or get back to work on projects that are “in progress”. So after I finish writing this, and putting another pot of Bali Blue or African Kahawa coffee on, I think I will do some more work on my Flashforge Station sequel.

Enjoy your day! Happy February!

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