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Tomorrow (Feb. 8) is the start of the Dan McGuire Blog Challenge, an annual “contest” of sorts (mostly because if you participate you are already a winner) that the Writers of Kern chapter of the California Writers Club puts on.

Basically, the challenge is to write 26 blog posts in 13 weeks; just two per week and you’ve completed the challenge! Okay, there is a little more to it, you also need to visit and read/comment on a couple of the participants blogs each week. But unless they are writing novellas (not likely, but possible) on their blog each day, it is going to be a fairly quick read, and usually worth it. I am biased, because I truly love to see what the other folks write when they are participating.

How hard is it to write two blog posts a week for thirteen weeks?

I have a few blogs, and I write fairly regularly on them. This one – and Zen of Living Smaller which is about sustainable responsible living on the planet; Alia’s Cauldron which is my art blog; and Shadow Girl Coffee‘s blog which is my online retail coffee store. Some of my other blogs I use an rss feed from this one, and only once in awhile write something directly on them – Words to Live By which is about making a living by writing, and Natalia Corres, my author site. So I write fairly regularly, and have it on my calendar as recurring tasks to get done. Writing 26 posts in 13 weeks, is relatively easy…and it is on my calendar to get it done.

Do I always adhere to the calendar?

No. Sometimes if I am really inspired to write, I will write a few blog posts and schedule them to publish in the future. That way they are published on schedule, even though I have written them in advance. There is nothing in the rules that say you have to write them on the day that they are published.

What do I write about?

Some posts are long – maybe about something I was thinking about or that caught my attention that day. Others might be as short as a haiku. I expect that this year I will post some excerpts from my books as well as the various observations of the moment.

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It isn’t hard to come up with something to say. I have a cat and a dog whose antics are humorous. I like to read science and science fiction, cooking and mysteries, fantasy and real life crime – so there are always things to say about all of those.

If you are participating this year – Good Luck! If you are reading this because you follow my blog(s) – I thank you!

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