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As we leave 2020

And all the jokes about hindsight, viruses and politics are put away (hopefully)… it is often good to reflect just a bit.

This year, I started using the acrylic pour technique in order to create paintings. I’d seen it before and loved the results, and quite frankly my arthritis makes holding a brush very painful sometimes (well, every time). I get hand spasms and it isn’t a lot of fun. This particular technique – acrylic pouring, is deceptively easy, but still requires a lot of thought and creativity and I am enjoying exploring the various ways in which it can be employed.

I choose my “battles” for using my hands and find that being on the keyboard is a higher priority these days because of choices I’ve made to volunteer and to write. Still get spasms, but I also get things done, and that works for me. Most days I have to choose between: cooking/cleaning/laundry, painting, answering emails and fulfilling volunteer commitments, and writing.

I also try to be supportive of the choices made by the people I care about, whether I agree with them or not, and this year held a special challenge for that. I have made a mantra of “free will, it is their choice” so that I can rein in my judgmental self and simply be present for those I love. I don’t actually believe it has been any worse than any other year, but the pandemic and politics in the background made everything seem worse.

Overall I am happy with how my life has been going, and where it appears to be headed. In my youth I had hurdles aplenty, replete with drama and chaos. I know I can handle it, and I am happy not to have it in my life anymore. Each year instead of a set of resolutions, I simply declare my life to be a drama free zone. So far, so good.

And with every ache and pain of age, I am reminded that there are always folks out there who have it worse, and I am grateful that my own challenges are relatively easy to deal with.

Hoping you have a new year filled with what you need and some of what you want – as well as health, prosperity and the time to enjoy them. Sending love to you all.

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