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A different path

I could measure,
meticulously, like my friend does when 
she bakes.
But I like the randomness that sometimes
happens when things are not 
rigidly defined,
weighed and measured,
to the ounce or liter.
I could mix things 
by a recipe,
exactly as described,
and sometimes I do...
but most times I don't.
I rarely follow directions exactly,
though when I do, it rarely comes out as planned.
I like to explore the ingredients
drilling down to the core of the thing,
the concept.
I like to understand the properties of each,
the reason they are there - what they contribute to the end result.
And so I have discovered
that bananas, apple sauce, and avocado can
sometimes take the place of eggs in recipes.
I have discovered that recipes are like
maps to a particular place, a particular outcome.
And I have discovered that there are many 
ways to get to the same place or dish or baked good.
And that pleases me. 
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